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2019_J.Pers.Assess - Hong.pdf.jpg2019Addressing a need for valid measures of trait reactance in adolescents: A further test of the Hong Reactance ScaleMoreira, Paulo; Cunha, Diana; Inman, Richard A.ArticleOpen Access
2019_J.Psychoeduc.Assess - MMSE.pdf.jpg2020An integration of multiple student engagement dimensions into a single measure and validity-based studiesMoreira, Paulo; Cunha, Diana; Inman, RichardArticleOpen Access
2020_Rev.Psico - SSES.pdf.jpg2020Evaluación de la dimensionalidad del Student School Engagement Survey : apoyo para un modelo multidimensional bifactorInman, Richard A.; Moreira, Paulo; Cunha, Diana; Castro, JorgeArticleOpen Access
2019_Int.J.Sch.Educ.Psychol - SEI.pdf.jpg2018Tests of factorial structure and measurement invariance for the Student Engagement Instrument: Evidence from middle and high school students in PortugalMoreira, Paulo; Dias, Maria AdelaideArticleOpen Access
2018_Int.J.Sch.Educ.Psychol - APSCI.pdf.jpg2018The Academic Performance Stages of Change Inventory (APSCI): An application of the Transtheoretical Model to academic performanceMoreira, Paulo; Moreira, Fátima; Cunha, Diana; Inman, Richard A.ArticleOpen Access
2019_J.Pers.Assess - RTC.pdf.jpg2019The Resistance to Change Scale: Assessing dimensionality and associations with personality and wellbeing in adolescentsMoreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Cunha, DianaArticleOpen Access
2019_Sca.J.Chi.Ad.Psychiat.Psychol - TRS. OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION (1).pdf.jpg2019Therapeutic reactance in adolescents: the psychometrics of the Therapeutic Reactance Scale in adolescentsInman, Richard A.; Sousa, Ana Margarida; Cunha, Diana; Moreira, PauloArticleOpen Access
2019_Eur.J.Psychotraumatol - Psycs_PTSD_DMS_5.pdf.jpg2019UCLA PTSD reaction index for DSM-5 (PTSD-RI-5): a psychometric study of adolescents sampled from communities in eleven countriesDoric, Ana; Stevanovic, Dejan; Stupar, Dusko; Vostanis, Panos; Atilola, Olayinka; Moreira, Paulo; Dodig-Curkovic, Katarina; Franic, Tomislav; Davidovic, Vrljicak; Avicenna, Mohamad; Noor, Multazam; Nussbaum, Laura; Thabet, Abdelaziz; Ubalde, Dino; Petrov, Petar; Deljkovic, Azra; Antonio, Monteiro Luis; Oliveira, Joana; Knez, RajnaArticleOpen Access
2019_PeerJ_TCIR_IPV. OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION.pdf.jpg2019Understanding the experience of psychopathology after intimate partner violence: the role of personalityMoreira, PauloArticleOpen Access