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Title: Is it worthwhile an inbound marketing strategy?
Author: Abreu, Madalena Eça
Domingues, Oliveira
Sofia, Ana
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Abreu, Madalena Eça, e outros (2022) - Is it worthwhile an inbound marketing strategy? In International Workshop in Marketing, 1, Porto, 2022. Sustainability and resilience. Porto : Universidade Lusíada. P.---.
Abstract: Nowadays it is crucial that companies do adapt immediately in order to survive in this new context, where habits and changes in consumption prevail, allied to new technologies. Thus, companies must actively seek, discover and adopt new strategies to transform digital into an opportunity (Cluley, R., Green, W., & Owen, R. 2020). Indeed, digital strategies follow new trends to attract the consumer, being them constantly exposed to numerous sound and visual stimuli. In fact, a new consumer emerges with a fast adaptation to the digital world (Blazheska, Ristovska, & Sashko, 2020). To attract this consumer in a normal way, where he is looking for a solution, Inbound Marketing appears as a pervasive solution (Dakouan, Benadelouahed, & Anabir, 2019). In this way, the consumer is respected in his journey of searching and buying the different products he needs, and especially in the context of his online consumption journey. Therefore, this paper presents the implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy in two companies, evaluating the effectiveness of this strategy.
Description: Sustainability and resilience / 1st International Workshop in Marketing. - Porto : Universidade Lusíada, 2022. P. --- .
Peer reviewed: yes
Document Type: Book Chapter
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