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Title: Exploring fashion rental during the covid-19 pandemic
Author: Arrigo, Elisa
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Arrigo, Elisa (2022) - Exploring fashion rental during the covid-19 pandemic. In International Workshop in Marketing, 1, Porto, 2022. Sustainability and resilience. Porto : Universidade Lusíada. P. --- .
Abstract: The fashion industry plays a significant role in the global economy through generating several sustainability issues. To thrive in a sustainable future, fashion brands should shift from the ‘take-make-waste’ approach towards more circular and sustainable business models. The aim of the research is to explore the opportunities and challenges of fashion rental as an alternative or collateral channel to fashion retail from a business perspective.
Description: Sustainability and resilience / 1st International Workshop in Marketing. - Porto : Universidade Lusíada, 2022. P. --- .
Peer reviewed: yes
Document Type: Book Chapter
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