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Título: O número e a forma : a matemática arquitetada
Autor: Chaves, Mário João Alves, 1965-
Palavras-chave: Arquitectura - Matemática
Data: 2020
Citação: Chaves, Mário João Alves (2020). O número e a forma : a matemática arquitetada. In As fórmulas na arquitectura. Lisboa : Universidade Lusíada. ISBN 9789896402365. P. 273-285.
Resumo: A reflection on the entrails of mathematical knowledge in its relation to the shape of things in an infinite Universe. The architecture of the infinite general to the finite particular. The Architect of an unpredictable Universe defined by mathematics, language, and art. The number as a composing element of the formula behind the form from its thought, materialization until its destruction. The materialization of philosophical and artistic thought with the profound mastery of the mathematical formula culminates in architectural work’s splendor. Numbers represented informs that carry messages and feelings and make us real in a virtual world that we could call the Matrix. Reality or fiction, macro, and micro scale, art, or geometric pragmatism? The mathematics behind the thought – form is the structure of this complex existentialism that wants to be real and humanistic, and that tends towards the virtual and misanthropic. The backbone of an artistic body of human will. The ambitious, desired, perfected AI based on mathematical calculations gain self-awareness and ceases to serve, and the purposes of the natural universe lose their meaning... Doesn’t the world we know exist in reality, or is it just part of an interactive neural simulation that we could call the Matrix? The numerical order makes us imperfect in the light of an unknown and straightforward natural Universe. It leads us in the constant search for perfection, looking for answers to questions that we should never have asked...
Descrição: As fórmulas na arquitectura / 4.º Seminário Internacional de Arquitectura e Matemática ; coordenação de Fátima Silva, Elsa Negas, Rui Seco. - Lisboa : Universidade Lusíada, 2020. - P. 273-285.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11067/5748
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