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Título: Reconhecimento de padrões em fachadas : contributo para uma metodologia interpretativa
Outros títulos: Recognition of patterns on facades : contribution to an interpretative methodology
Autor: Brito, Miguel Augusto Monteiro Marques da Silva, 1960-
Palavras-chave: Fachadas (Arquitectura)
Padrões geométricos
Data: 2020
Citação: Silva, M. (2020). Reconhecimento de padrões em fachadas : contributo para uma metodologia interpretativa. In As fórmulas na arquitectura. Lisboa : Universidade Lusíada. ISBN 9789896402365. P. 203-223.
Resumo: In terms of the construction of buildings, mathematics is generally acknowledged and referred to the engineering areas, the structural interior mathematics of the physical components understood here as the forces of compression and traction, the laws of Newton applied to plasticity and solidity, by static engineering, the mathematical calculation that guarantees the stability of the elements in the building. In contrast to this necessary structural reality, without which the construction would be at risk, the organization of visual conceptualization is often discarded, ignoring the importance of results from statement of patterns through the visible elements of the building, its sequences, the notion of order and proportion, scale and shapes, in order to embody a coherent intentional message, inserted in a readable system of formal geometry. The visual communication that the building allows is essential for the success of the collective appropriation of its meaning and consequent value. The formation of patterns, predicted, resulting or unforeseen or occasional, is the way in which visual information can be described and understood, in order to form a relevant part of our visual appropriation of the built surrounding space, which is translated by cultural and identity consequences, either by the normalization of the collective, or by the sublimation of individualisms. This analysis implies the recognition of patterns, elements, succession and repetition, variation in norm, identification of series, and combined and dissonant group elements. The world that surrounds us is formed by more or less perceptible patterns. Perceiving the abstraction and absorbing the conceptualization of the patterns that surround us, it is thus to understand the limits of reality, the soft veil that covers the world around us.
Descrição: As fórmulas na arquitectura / 4.º Seminário Internacional de Arquitectura e Matemática ; coordenação de Fátima Silva, Elsa Negas, Rui Seco. - Lisboa : Universidade Lusíada, 2020. - P. 203-223.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11067/5743
Tipo de Documento: Parte de Livro
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