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Título: An agreement between the Institute for the Study of Earth and Man (ISEM), Southern Methodist University, and the University Lusíada to promote cooperation between the two institutions and to strengthen their respective programs of archaeological education and research
Autor: Cooperativa de Ensino Universidade Lusíada
Southern Methodist University. Institute for the Study of Earth and Man
Palavras-chave: Programas de intercâmbio de estudantes
Projectos de investigação e desenvolvimento
Data: 18-Mar-2015
Resumo: - Agrees to nominate students and faculty of the Universidade Lusíada, according to their standing, to further archaeological training at ISEM; - Agrees to assist and to help ISEM faculty and students in their archaeological investigations in Portugal, in specific programs that will be agreed from time to time; - Intention to carry out joint archaeological investigation on research programs in Portugal or any other place; - Training of students graduated from UL, by means of either a graduate program to be implemented at UL or at ISEM will strive to ensure that such a graduate program would be of the highest technical and scientific level and it would be recognized by both intuitions.
Descrição: Data da assinatura: 19 de Maio de 1987
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11067/1479
Tipo de Documento: Outros
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