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21-Jan-2015System support for urban computing an RFIDcaching hunting gameLima, Rui Manuel Dias FerreiraArtigoAccesso Aberto
21-Jan-2015Shliomis model based ferrofluid lubrification of a rough, porous parallel slider bearing with slip velocityPatel, N.D.; Deheri, G.M.ArtigoAccesso Aberto
21-Jan-2015Emergy-based evaluation of resources input in PortugalMartins, Cecília Maria Alves Torres; Oliveira, Carlos; Gonçalves, JoséArtigoAccesso Aberto
21-Jan-2015The importance of corporate social responsability in the brand image : the "Nespresso" case studyOliveira, Maria Elisabeth Faria Real de; Rodrigues, PaulaArtigoAccesso Aberto
21-Jan-2015The interface between cultural intelligence and customer satisfaction : the hospitality "perspective"Rohmetra, Neelu; Arora, PallviArtigoAccesso Aberto
21-Jan-2015A comparison of the influences of different training approaches on trainees' perceptions of self-efficacy to achieve training outcomesHuang, Wen-Rou; Jacobs, Ronald L.ArtigoAccesso Aberto
21-Jan-2015Mentoring and its meaning for HRD in all-consuming organizationSusabowska, KatarzynaArtigoAccesso Aberto
Collection's Items (Sorted by Data de depósito in descendente order): 1 to 7 of 7