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Title: Pais permissivos : crianças em risco
Author: Ribeiro, Rita
Keywords: Responsabilidade dos pais - Aspectos psicológicos
Tolerância ao stresse (Psicologia)
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: As relações precoces têm sido identificadas como fundamentais para o desenvolvimento da criança (Baumrind, 1966, 1978; Maccoby, 2000; Sroufe, 2000; Bornstein, 2002, 2006). Baumrind (1966) e Rosenzweig (1938) iniciaram o estudo dos estilos parentais e da tolerância à frustração. São inúmeros os estudos realizados nos últimos anos no âmbito dos estilos educativos parentais, ao contrário da tolerância à frustração. A investigação tem demonstrado: 1) que o estilo parental autorizante tem implicações mais positivas no desenvolvimento das crianças; 2) que o estilo permissivo tem implicações nefastas no desenvolvimento das crianças e 3) que tanto o estilopermissivo como autoritário parecem relacionar-se com menor nível de tolerância à frustração.
In the last decades we have witnessed great cultural and social changes that have brought profound implications on the family dynamics of Western society. The values, the way of life and to educate changed a lot. In family relationships, whether old father “dictated the law” and the children respected him greatly, today the reality is quite different. The parent-child relationships are closer, in many cases, family relationships become equal or even a relationship in which roles are reversed.In today’s families we often see situations where children determine, often tyrannically, parent behaviors, whereas parents haven´t great capacity to react or argument regarding the decision chosen by the child; without having the ability to place tight limits. The current parental generation arises from a cultural and family context where the dominant parenting style was still the authoritarian style. The limits before firm and imposed have become increasingly fine until we´ve got to a generation dominated by permissive parenting style. Witnessed thus the transition from an authoritarian model to a permissive one (from one extreme to the other). This Communication aims a theoretical approach to different parenting styles and their effects on child development, particularly in their ability to tolerate frustration.
Description: Revista de psicologia da criança e do adolescente. - ISSN 1647-4120. - V. 8, n. 1 (Janeiro-Junho 2017). - p. 105-118
Document Type: Article
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