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2018_Int.J.Sch.Educ.Psychol - APSCI.pdf.jpg2018The Academic Performance Stages of Change Inventory (APSCI): An application of the Transtheoretical Model to academic performanceMoreira, Paulo; Moreira, Fátima; Cunha, Diana; Inman, Richard A.ArticleOpen Access
sda_6_8.pdf.jpg2011The city as a weaving process: Plecnik’s LjubljanaGarmaz, MagdalenaBook ChapterOpen Access
sda_7_5.pdf.jpg2014The Corbusian suspended garden : a fragment of nature converted into architectureSuárez, María CandelaBook ChapterOpen Access
2020_EDISDI_European_J_Psychological_Assessment (1).pdf.jpg2020The Engagement/Disengagement in Sustainable Development Inventory (EDiSDI)Moreira, Paulo; Ramalho, Sofia; Inman, Richard A.ArticleOpen Access
napoles_the_geometry_of_architecture.pdf.jpg2020The geometry of architecture : the formulas, the geometry of forms and their concretizationNápoles, Suzana Metelo deBook ChapterOpen Access
is_25_26_2002_4.pdf.jpg2002The implementation of the distance teachingLorsignol, AndréArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n4_4.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2015The importance of corporate social responsability in the brand image : the "Nespresso" case studyOliveira, Maria Elisabeth Faria Real de; Rodrigues, PaulaArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n6_6.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2016The importance of quality in the consolidation of textile firms in the Minho region in northern PortugalOliveira, Sónia; Santos, Gilberto; Costa, J. BatistaArticleOpen Access
citad_goncalves_incorporation_vernacular.pdf.jpg2020The incorporation of vernacular traditions in 20th century erudite architecture and music : a choice of freedomGonçalves, Clara Germana Ramalho MoutinhoBook ChapterOpen Access
IJEIM_n4_3.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2015The interface between cultural intelligence and customer satisfaction : the hospitality "perspective"Rohmetra, Neelu; Arora, PallviArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n6_1.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2016The paradoxes of qualitySilva, Olga; Vilhena, Estela; Santos, Manuel Gilberto FreitasArticleOpen Access
Dissertação Mestrado.pdf.jpg2014The people hub : reconfiguração da rede urbanaPereira, Eduardo Junn LeeMaster ThesisOpen Access
rpca_v9_n1_2018_3.pdf.jpg2018The relationship between social physique anxiety and psychosocial health in adolescentsCalmeiro, Luís Manuel dos Santos; Matos, Margarida Gaspar de, 1956-ArticleOpen Access
2019_J.Pers.Assess - RTC.pdf.jpg2019The Resistance to Change Scale: Assessing dimensionality and associations with personality and wellbeing in adolescentsMoreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Cunha, DianaArticleOpen Access
ral_1_07a.pdf.jpg2010The restoration of the Hellenistic fountain of Sagalassos in TurkeyPatrício, Teresa M. Cristina MartinsArticleOpen Access
LPIS_n11_2.pdf.jpg2014The rising importance of shared political values in contemporary Japan - European Union relationsSaraiva, Rui Faro, 1981-ArticleOpen Access
LD_19_4.pdf.jpg2018The Sharia law (and the jurisdiction of the Mufti) in the Europe : the Molla Sali caseAraújo, Marisa Isabel Almeida, 1981-; Conceição, Ana Raquel Oliveira Pereira da, 1978-ArticleOpen Access
is_35_2009_2.pdf.jpg2009The social, the psychological and the human in social workPayne, Malcolm, 1947-ArticleOpen Access
lee_13_2013_9.pdf.jpg2011The theory of economic relativity applied to the international economy and to cooperation policiesSousa, António Jorge Duarte Rebelo de, 1952-ArticleOpen Access
is_35_2009_22.pdf.jpg2009The training and the challenges of social work in the XXI centuryCampanini, AnnamariaArticleOpen Access